STEINBERG GmbH is specialized in advanced logistics solutions for organization of modern production, warehousing and logistics business- seaports, road and rail transport and logistics-centres as well as civil use products factories. We are focusing our customers on most advanced technologies applied in the practice of international industrial practice moving and storage of goods.

Steinberg GmbH is presenting on the territory of Russia and CIS countries products of the world’s leading manufacturer of cranes, forklifts and goods storage systems. As well as all kind of support equipment- docking systems, ramps, cleaning and warehouse equipment etc.

Steinberg GmbH is providing advanced logistics solutions, beginning from project creation or optimization, followed by supply, assembly, commissioning and at the end by providing warranty and non-warranty servicing. The unique experience from implemented projects in the past allows us to provide to our customers most effective, functional and costs-effective solutions.

Steinberg GmbH is based in Moenchengladbach city, Germany. The representatives in Russia are located in Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Vladivostok, in CIS countries in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.